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Not rain – we’d have loved rain – but sticky, icky humidity.

This week’s harvest was brought to you in part by a grant from strong coffee.

For instance, after flying more than 18 hours from San Francisco (with a water and wi-fi break in Korea, as it were), I touched down in the Kingdom of Cambodia—a kingdom that had just lost its King—Norodom Sihanouk. I wanted to see the light itself—to greet the sun that like me, traveled around the world.

Even in the dark of midnight, I could see the red-and-blue flags at half-mast—and stepping off the plane and into the thick, smoky jungle air of Southeast Asia, I noticed the small black ribbons pinned to everyone’s shirts as a symbol of grief. We were in place by —our little group among the tourist hoards who were busy lining up their tripods in a row, as if making last-minute preparations for a final battle against an unseen enemy.

Mayan The oldest known measurement of a calendar year was by the Mayans so we will start with this.

The Mayans were experts in mathematics and primitive astronomy.

They messed up the game and it's already going downhill."Blimey. We're on safer ground when I ask him to wrap up our chat with a rowdy rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Frankly, it has to be said, I carry young Jonathan, who is a bit rubbish. You're a lovely chap but I just don't see a future in music for you…

The Tomatometer rating – based on the published opinions of hundreds of film and television critics – is a trusted measurement of movie and TV programming quality for millions of moviegoers.but still, damn I’m hoping to fall asleep early tonight, wake up late, and spend several days without leaving the Farm at all. While both sleep and travel share priority status in my life, the latter tends to beat out the former in every case. Sunrise at Angkor Wat has become a “Thing To Do”, and while I was certain this endeavor promised loud human voices that would shatter the mood, and a sea of flashing flashbulbs that would ruin my own photos, I went anyway. Sunrise was at ish, and we needed to be gone by five.The sky was already bleeding red fire along the dark silhouette and to get a better view, I climbed atop a square-cut stone—a rectangular, rough-hewn remnant of temples past.

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Lunar calendars are based on the rotation of the Moon around Earth and are used mainly for religious purposes, while lunisolar or solilunar calendars combine the two kinds and are basically solar calendars with dates indicating the moon phase.

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  1. While the general public knows that Valentine's Day is in February, most may not be aware that it is also a month dedicated to teen dating violence awareness and prevention.