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She is best known for her roles as Ashleigh Howard in the ABC Family series Greek, Maya in 22 Jump Street, and Maxine in The Carmichael Show. She is the daughter of actor and radio announcer Shadoe Stevens and former model Beverly Cunningham.

Enter the Great Detective: Sergeant Cuff, the morose crimebuster whose genius for deduction set the template for an entire literary genre.

“I could not imagine a better send-off into the rest of our lives together. “We were surrounded by so much love.” Amber added, “It was the most magical night of my life.

The former Greek stars walked down the aisle and sealed their marriage with a kiss at Carondelet House in Los Angeles on Friday night (December 5), reports.

Cuff was gathering the suspects in the drawing room and laying out his theories when Hercule Poirot was still a Belgian schoolboy.

He was also the first detective to be dragged out of retirement to solve an old case — a precedent that no CID officer or private eye has ever been able to escape. Jobsworths of the night: Social workers take some stick.

*Yeah, it's funny—when it first came out, there was a lot of buzz about it, but I didn't think I'd go see it. If they do at some point, that'll be a surprise for me as well. When that came out, people online were like, "Oh, Cappie's in New York working at a magazine now! Actually, the reason I'm out here [in NYC] for this trip is because Jake Mc Dorman, who played Evan, is doing a show for ABC, . I hang out with Paul James, who played Calvin, and Jacob Zachar, who played Rusty. I think if any of these platforms were doing what they're doing now in 2010 or 2011, we might have gone on further.

Don't get me wrong but the manliest men often have man-crushes on effeminate men. But Jo Brand’s acidic council sitcom Damned (C4) has been a joy.Rating: For those who keep track of such morbid trivia, Sean Bean has been killed off 25 times on screen.West and Amber Stevens, is expecting their first child due early next year. Maybe she wanted to keep it secret, but it seems the cat is out of the bag!! Our insider has revealed that the actress was spotted flaunting her baby bump in a recent event.When asked about it, the actress declined to talk as it was a personal matters and said it is just an allegation.

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