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Hyak is located 2 miles east of the summit of Snoqualmie pass at 2,600 feet.The camera provides six views— Northwest, West-northwest, West, Southwest, Southeast and East.If you want to take a non-VR pic, you can use its Over Capture feature that punches out the composition you want from a spherical image.

Woodman also told at CES earlier this year that he envisions a future where you can "record your activities with one multi-lensed Go Pro" and create a matching 2D video for sharing with a phone app.Watch recently captured video from major highways in the Triangle area.Video clips show approximate time that the video was captured.To prepare your i Phone 6 Plus for the replacement process, please back up your data to i Tunes or i Cloud.Note: If your i Phone 6 Plus has any damage such as a cracked screen which impairs the camera replacement, that issue will need to be resolved prior to service.

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It could be increased compliance; it could be the growth of crowdsourcing navigation apps such as Waze that beep when a camera is approached. In comparison, the city issued 72,691 red light-camera tickets in 2014, only a slight drop from the 77,878 issued in 2013.