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By the time it gets to “Justice,” the case is thorny and complex, with personal investments that span departments and family histories.It’s a bit silly and a bit grave and totally delicious, a multi-part event that is soothingly wonderful to watch.

— but the premiere allows him a closing statement that is the exact beautifully overwrought courtroom finale “Chicago Justice” is trying to produce.

A new clip shared by MTV features Blake, 22, and a potential partner, Devlin, a 24-year-old bartender, In the clip Blake explains he tries not to put a label on his sexuality, saying he identifies as "fluid." He also adds it can "be difficult to meet new people because they don't understand what my situation is."Off camera, Devlin explains he often gets shy meeting new guys and ends up "friend-zoning myself." After the two meet, Blake confesses to the camera Devlin is "very handsome...

and has a twinkle in his eye.""Blake is super cute.

She doesn’t believe in running background checks on potential dates.

She suggests that anyone looking for love online do their own Google research.

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As fans of the franchise already know, the “Chicago” dramas differ from Dick Wolf’s previous (and ongoing) mega-franchise “Law and Order” by emphasizing character over case-of-the-week.

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