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He should realistically approach the issue of how the Russian men are different from the American which is the key to success.

In order to define the secrets of American men success among the Russian girls and the advantage over the Russian men, you can appeal to the study, which was conducted in a form of a survey of 30 women aged 22 to 42 years, who were sent emails with request of answering the basic question: Why they prefer Americans to Russians or vice verse.

The purpose of this post is to recommend how to find a wife.

That means literally what countries I recommend for finding a bride and those I do not.

They are very soft to deal with and caring, each is very caring and lovely, polite and afraid to offend you, always ask «How are you? The Americans approach to the relationship seriously and follow certain steps: first date, first kiss, a few more visits, the first sex, many more dates, and then he tells you three vital words, then invite to live together, then gives the ring, wedding, children, …divorce. For some women this is a plus, for someone — a minus.

As if they all read the same book, and all follow it.

But the advantage is that they are quite flexible and open to communication.4) Sex.

If you are shocked by the truth or faint of heart, proceed with caution in reading. I am not going to be politically correct nor chauvinist. I will tell you from a practical stand point the qualities in a women that will make you happy.

I am doing this because I want you do be happy with your life.

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