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For his 17-year-old son Luke (John Hensley), juggling a series of girlfriends couldn’t come more naturally.

And his ornery, recently widowed father Seamus (Roy Dotrice) can always be counted on to share some unsolicited advice.

Longtime marrieds Irving (Joseph Cardinale) and Milly (Kenlyn Kanouse) are spending their final morning at the seniors’ home playing Connect Four and bickering, obviously not for the first time. In the first of a series of flashbacks, Askance next transports us back in time to the early 1950s where 20something Irv (Adam Coggins) and Milly (Beth Ricketson) meet cute in a local bar. “Use it for when you decide you’re man enough to beg me for a date.” Later flashbacks show us a) Young Irv and Milly six months into their dating; b) Irv’s being offered a teaching job which Milly celebrates with a casserole; c) Irv’s attempts to fend off the interest of sixteen-year-old student—and self-proclaimed would-be homewrecker—Roz (understudy Sigi Gradwohl).

Blank-eyed Sylvia (Ivy Jones) stares into space uttering nonsense phrases like, “I am and I’m not. At its best, Askance provides glimpses into the lives of characters not normally given center stage roles, reminds us that each and every elderly person we see using a cane or walker or wheelchair was at one time young and vital and just starting out in life, and offers several satisfying climactic surprises.

26, the show's faux White House needed a new deputy communications director. 1.16.03 - From the January 18th issue of TV Guide: Meet the new Rob Lowe.

Hence, creator Aaron Sorkin tapped Joshua Malina, an alum of his old ABC comedy, Sports Night, to play Will Bailey. Or at least, the guy who's going to fill his shoes on NBC's West Wing.

Askance would be a better play with all five monologs excised.

On the other hand, the addition of several more flashback sequences (already among the play’s most absorbing) would fill in numerous blanks in addition to giving the cast’s terrific younger members more stage time. Edwards, and Ricketson all do fine work, as does Michael Tatlock as Mikey, though the latter could benefit from a less strident line delivery.

My plan is to cover TV shows that are at least five years old, which for now means they had to be on the air between 20.

At the start of the series he has only recently transferred to LA after being the Agent in Charge of the Albuquerque office; he wanted to be closer to his family during the illness of his mother and stayed after her death.

Don's brother, Charlie Eppes, is a math genius and former child prodigy; he is a professor of mathematics at Cal Sci University (a fictional Cal Tech), and contracts with the FBI to help his brother's team.

The show also features their father, Alan Eppes, played by Judd Hirsch.

Charlie uses math to help Don solve crimes for the FBI. Don Eppes leads a team of agents (in the first season, Terry Lake (Sabrina Lloyd) and David Sinclair (Alimi Ballard)) working out of the Los Angeles FBI office.

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