Auto updating twitter widget

Posted by / 24-Jul-2017 21:29

Auto updating twitter widget

For starters, the Twitter app lets you mute annoying people while still following them When it comes to social networks, Twitter is as noisy as it gets.

You’d think the 140-character limitation would make it quiter, but in reality, it’s pretty much the opposite.

It's not that I don't use automatic Twitter feeds, but I've played around with them enough to know what they're good for. Heck, I use one for @About_Tweeting because I've promised my readers that they'll get Twitter news and gosh darn it I can't watch every news feed for a mention of Twitter all day long. So instead, I connected Feedburner up to about twenty different news sites, and whenever they use the name Twitter in a headline, my account auto Tweets the headline. auto-Tweeting from services like Buffer and as a perk in Hootsuite.

The benefits of automatically updating a Twitter account is that you don't have to pay high fees to a marketing company.

I have to tell you that I'm not a strong advocate for using automatic Twitter feeds because it makes people lazy.

If my car would run to the coffee shop and pick me up a tea every morning, why would I bother to leave the house right? That's the part that some people forget when they set up automatic feeds, and it's why I don't recommend it on a broad level.

The main purpose of this auto-update is to get everyone on a build that supports Twitter’s new API which requires authentication.

A great way to bridge the gap is by taking advantage of Twitter’s embedding functionality.

From buttons to embedded timelines and tweets, you can introduce visitors to your more social side without ever having to leave your site.

Also, you don't have to waste valuable time in logging into a Twitter account to post a similar update that is related to a blog post.

You can simply use an RSS feed to allow the blog post to be automatically updated to your Twitter account.

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