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God gives us some songs, what ever you give us, that’s what we’re going to do. It started off as this inspirational-gospely sound but then we had all these R&B songs, too. I was kind of working on some songs with my writing partner at the time and he heard us and was like ‘ok, ya’ll need some help’ and that, in short is how it happened and probably why I got fired because instead of being in the back working on the next song for service, I was in the back writing music.So we mixed them all and just made music that we like. It’s interesting because we get so much outside influence and “noise” saying we have to do this and that and radio only plays this and it just doesn’t work within our process. JET: “Call My Name” has been a visual hit from 2014 well into the top of 2015, what was the initial attraction of that song and what do you think draws listeners?An organic duo, Avery and Big Dane have been rocking it out in a soulful, gospel-infused manner since the release of Ms.Sunshine’s 2010 self-titled EP and continue to build their artistic chemistry while releasing music that soothes the soul.Shy, soft-spoken Joel Barish and unrestrained free-spirit Clementine Kruczynski begin a relationship on a Long Island Rail Road train from Montauk, New York to Rockville Centre.They are almost immediately drawn to each other, despite their contrasting personalities, and both had felt the need to travel to Montauk that day.

It follows an estranged couple who have erased each other from their memories, but then, start dating again.Avery Sunshine’s sophomore release, “The Sun Room”, is like a deep cleansing breath of fresh air.But it’s not just in her vocals or lyricism, it extends to the musicality of producer/guitarist Dana “Big Dane” Johnson making the project whole with instrumentation and arrangements that assist in encouraging a feeling of freedom.Stuart studied journalism at the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba.He worked briefly at Central Queensland News and Warwick Daily News.

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