What does cctv stand for on dating sites

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What does cctv stand for on dating sites

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Like when a friend realises that the title of the show Party of Five has a double meaning, or that the gears of capitalism are oiled with the blood of the workers.

What are the costs, the pitfalls and the alternatives?

To be completely accurate, CCTV is basically analogue cameras that are wired together with a dedicated set of wires that feed into a recording device and a monitor or series of monitors.

The charity warned against over-investing in the cameras at the expense of "more effective measures" such as street lights, which might be up to four times as good at deterring offenders.

Do you think CCTV is more effective than streetlighting? Rachel Armitage, of Nacro's crime and social policy unit, said: "It would be foolish to claim that well-planned CCTV can never have an impact, but the effectiveness of CCTV is often overstated."This places a big responsibility on councils and others to think through the implementation of CCTV and ensure that is not favoured in place of cheaper and more effective measures such as adequate street lighting."Between 19, three-quarters of the Home Office crime prevention budget was spent on CCTV, said the report.

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He conceded, however, that more research was needed into the use of CCTV."People really like to have CCTV cameras because police and the people who live in the areas believe it brings greater security," Lord Falconer told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme."What the research indicates is that in every area there is a statistical reduction in crime.

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