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Serj tankian dating

At the age of eight, shortly after the UN intervened in these increasingly abrasive times in Lebanon, Serj and the Tankian family (including Serj's grandparents who fled the Armenian Genocide of 1915) were offered sanctuary in the US.Knowing minimal English, they moved from the virtual war zone of Beirut to Hollywood in 1975.But nations are not like people in the sense that we are cumulatively represented by others - and their interpretations of what our interests are may not be the same as what they really are.And that's what's dangerous, even in a democracy.”“Tankian is a flamboyant, Rasputin-like figure with a fierce glare and a unique voice that's helped make System of a Down a Los Angeles rock institution.

When Tankian is not performing or recording songs in the studio, he dons his creative hat and pens poetry.

The group works with grassroots political organizations to combine music with sentiments of anti-war beliefs, anti-racism, anti-censorship, and anti-corporatism.

In 2003, Serj and Turkish-Armenian musician Arto Tunçboyacıyan pursued an experimental System of a Down side-project album, Serart, that was released on Serj's own record label, Serjical Strike.

So it's gonna be really unique and beautiful, and so we're looking forward to it."All-Access Photos: 25th Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas The band just announced an April 6 date in Los Angeles at the Forum. "We're only doing eight dates, and they're all World War I countries in some ways, which is interesting."To Tankian, the actual concerts are a very small part of delivering their message.

Serj Tankian is an international superstar by any account.

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Fans continue to hold out hope that the 2015 dates will lead to new music from the multi-platinum hard rock quartet, the first since 2005's jokingly says we won't ask him about new System music unless he has exciting news to report, he laughs and says, "Thank you."No Doubt, System of a Down & More Ring in 25 Years of KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas In the decade since SOAD last recorded music, Tankian has been a composer in classical, jazz and film scoring and worked with orchestras and as a painter. It's a new phase in my musical evolution as a composer," he told us in the Forum hallways.

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