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The cost of a burial without the casket was about ,265 that same year.For many grieving families, paying thousands of dollars to bury a relative just isn’t economically feasible.When Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away this month, he left behind a huge legacy – and a huge financial fortune too.Since Jobs was one of the richest men in America, his family undoubtedly had no problem paying for his funeral and putting Jobs to rest.They’re probably mostly disappointed, but perhaps this entry will console them a little?But relatively little of what I’ve encountered is as well-written as does that.Knowing what to do when you can’t afford to bury a relative can help to relieve some of the stress and heartache of this difficult time.

He was a bohemian with a cushion whose first purchases in London were an Olivetti typewriter and a blue raincoat at Burberry.

Even before he had much of an audience, he had a distinct idea of the audience he wanted.

In a letter to his publisher, he said that he was out to reach “inner-directed adolescents, lovers in all degrees of anguish, disappointed Platonists, pornography-peepers, hair-handed monks and Popists.”Cohen was growing weary of London’s rising damp and its gray skies.

This was 1960, long before he played the festival at the Isle of Wight in front of six hundred thousand people.

In those days, he was a Jamesian Jew, the provincial abroad, a refugee from the Montreal literary scene.

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Das dreiste daran: Das Verschicken jeder Nachricht kostet.