Bayonetta sexually intimidating

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Before I go on, I must present two caveats: One - Bayonetta is not a good character in terms of creating a fully developed fictionalized individual as part of remotely deep narrative; and two - Bayonetta was not created to be a strong symbol or icon in any way.

Platinum Games made up Bayonetta as a sexy female version of Dante from Devil May Cry, and that studio has always put action, mechanics, and sheer spectacle far above storytelling on its list of priorities.

No, Bayonetta wasn't made to shatter stereotypes or stand as a beacon of triumphant feminism in gaming, and yes, Bayonetta the series and Bayonetta the character are comically sexualized.

That said, Bayonetta ended up as a positive, if shallow, example of a female protagonist in a video game.

She is not simply some side-girl with no purpose other than to show off her huge breasts.

She is the main star of her game and kicks major butt with witch power and sexual grace, showing off a butt-shot here and there simply because she feels like it.

A witch uses her own hair as clothes, which magically disappear from her body when she summons demons. She looks like an archetypical "hot librarian." She's also built like the Na'vi version of Barbie and constantly sucks on a lollipop. In fact, Bayonetta herself is an excellent example of a strong female protagonist who fundamentally rejects sexual objectification.

okay thanks, yeah once you start having too many characters then you get that player select that with HDTV it's hard to make out who is who.Bayonetta has agency of her own over-sexuality; She has the ability for a character to create and change the way she presents herself, and she does so by owning her image and enjoying every minute of it.Let me be clear about the goal of this article: I am not discussing whether or not Bayonetta is a feminist icon in gaming.(SJW stands for Social Justice Warrior, and seems to have replaced “politically correct” as the pejorative term for those on the left who want to discuss culture and politics.I find it a weak jibe; “politically correct” was effective because it brought to mind didactic socialists who spend hours haranguing you about privilege, but for me, “Social Justice Warrior” paints a picture of Martin Luther King and Emma Goldman astride galloping white steeds, golden swords held aloft.)Some gamers do more than yell "SJW." Recent times have seen crazed gamers sending death threats to women who talk about these issues.

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Bayonetta is a strong personality, and not just because she's an immortal witch who can punt cars and summon demons.

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