Dating old enamel coffee pots

Posted by / 05-Feb-2017 13:06

If you never do much cooking, likely you never gave much thought to the cookware we use preparing meals.

The company or individual running this sale has opted to not display their phone number.RETURN POLICY We happily accept returns on stocked items within 30 days of the order receipt date.All items on our website and in-store are considered ‘stocked’ unless expressly identified as ‘special order’.‎‎) is a traditional Arabic coffee pot used for centuries to brew and serve Qahwa (gahwa), an Arabic coffee or Gulf coffee made through a multi-step ritual, and Khaleeji, a spicy, bitter coffee traditionally served during feasts like Eid al-Fitr.Old Bedouins used the ritual of coffee preparation, serving and drinking as a sign of hospitality, generosity and wealth.

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