Orthodox christian perspective dating 123 fastvideo dating

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Orthodox christian perspective dating

The Council assembled at Nicaea in the province of Bithynia of Asia Minor and was formally opened by Constantine himself.

The Council passed 20 canons including the Nicene Creed (described below), the Canon of Holy Scripture (Holy Bible), and established the celebration of Pascha (Easter)."Nicene Creed), gave it a deposit of Faith that they are to contend for (Jude 3) and guard (I Tim.

It teaches that all bishops are equal by virtue of their ordination, and has no central governing structure analogous to the Papacy in the Roman Catholic Church.

The contemporary Orthodox Church had shared communion with the contemporary Roman Catholic Church until the East–West Schism of AD 1054, which had been triggered by disputes over doctrine, especially the authority of the Pope.

), so they cannot understand why their Church has been in a constant state of crisis, turmoil and decay for so long.Objective facts seem to mean less and less to more and more people, even professed Christians, and decisions are becoming more often made on the basis “appeals to emotion and personal belief” than on “objective facts.” Let’s look at the realm of religion for a moment.I am often in discussions with conservative and traditional-minded Roman Catholics.If we were to trace the origins of Halloween to one specific event in history, it would be when Pope Gregory III (731-741) dedicated an oratory in the original Saint Peter's Basilica of Rome in honor of all the Saints on November 1st, which initiated a local Roman custom to celebrate the feast of All Saints on November 1st.Before this time the feast of All Saints, also known as All Hallows, was celebrated throughout the Christian world since the fourth century to mainly commemorate all the Martyrs either in April or May, including Ireland.

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