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Item properties can be normalized by specifying a field type.This is useful for example to automatically convert stringified dates coming from a server into Java Script Date objects.comes with a flexible Data Set, which can be used to hold and manipulate unstructured data and listen for changes in the data. Data items can be added, updated and removed from the Data Set, and one can subscribe to changes in the Data Set.The data in the Data Set can be filtered and ordered, and fields (like dates) can be converted to a specific type.Data can be normalized when appending it to the Data Set as well. // create a Data Set var options = ; var data = new vis.Data Set(options); // add items // note that the data items can contain different properties and data formats data.add([ , , , ]); // subscribe to any change in the Data Set data.on('*', function (event, properties, sender Id) ); // update an existing item data.update(); // remove an item data.remove(4); // get all ids var ids = Ids(); console.log('ids', ids); // get a specific item var item1 = data.get(1); console.log('item1', item1); // retrieve a filtered subset of the data var items = data.get(); console.log('filtered items', items); // retrieve formatted items var items = data.get(); console.log('formatted items', items); The name of the field containing the id of the items.One nice feature of the JSON Patch library is that it also supports C# dynamic objects making it possible to use add/remove operations to add or remove properties. NET Core Json Patch library to support partial updates (patches) in your APIs using JSON Patch operations. Shortly after publishing this post, Nancy core contributor and evangelist Jonathan Channon added support for the ASP.

If the array parameter definition has no range (ie, a dynamic array type), then you must, paradoxically pass a static array as a parameter. Delphi passes the length as a hidden parameter to the subroutine.

The size of each dimension is determined in two ways, which may be freely mixed in a multidimensional array : Dynamic arrays have no preallocated storage. Such arrays must have their length set before they can be used. Individual subarrays of a multidimensional dynamic array may have different sized dimensions - they are, of course, separate arrays.

For example : Set Length(dyn Array, 5); sets the dyn Array single dimension array size to 5 elements. After one such Set Length operation, elements of the set array may be referenced, even though the rest of the array is undefined.

When used in combination with the HTTP PATCH method it allows partial updates for HTTP APIs in a standards compliant way. NET Core is the support for JSON Patch which I found whilst browsing through the ASP. Everything other than the "test" operation is supported.

Given that C# is a static language we do get slightly different behaviour depending on the object being patched.

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Here's what the Grid View markup might look like: Class Customer Dim _custid As Integer Dim _name As String Dim _city As String Property Cust Id() As Integer Get Return _custid End Get Set(By Val value As Integer) _custid = value End Set End Property Property Name() As String Get Return _name End Get Set(By Val value As String) _name = value End Set End Property Property City() As String Get Return _city End Get Set(By Val value As String) _city = value End Set End Property Sub New(By Val custid, By Val name, By Val city) _custid = custid _name = name _city = city End Sub End Class Sub Page_Load() Dim cust1 As New Customer(1, "AAA Repair", "Eugene") Dim cust2 As New Customer(2, "Bee's Knees", "Woucester") Dim cust3 As New Customer(3, "Chop-Chop Restaurant", "Seattle") Dim cust Array As New Array List() cust Array.

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