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Londonpaper dating

The older brother, Marco, vows revenge, exacerbated by Eddie s refusal to admit his "crime." Out on bail Marco comes to Eddie, who challenges him to a fight to try and redeem his blackened , but when Eddie draws a knife Marco kills him with it.Eddie dies declaring his love for his wife, never having fully come to with his actions or how they led to his downfall. Lyrically, the track is on a par with Avenue D's Do I Look Like a Slut, packed with innuendo, layers and acerbic perception, while musically, the Most in particular have transformed the original into a strikingly current, guitar-soaked rocker of a tune that's guaranteed to pack dance floors. Really." LYRICS MINGER HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF I TOOK YOUR MINGER AWAY FROM YOU?

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Andy also produces his own radio packages for Radio 4 and BBC World Service tackling subjects like former Premier League footballer turned boxer Leon Mc Kenzie's battle with depression, Tony Mc Coy reaching 4,000 winners and the rehab of professional jockeys at Oaksey House.

He is also an in-demand media trainer offering a range of bespoke services to private clients - Royal College of Midwives, Prostate Cancer, GB Swim Team - as well as bespoke PR services - namely Hotwire and Fever PR.

In other work, Andy has also appeared in a one-off C4 show called 'Seven Ages of Love' where he delivered a first person verse about his adventures dating in the city and C5's Essex Jungle where he interviewed a man who shares his bungalow with a crocodile.

On radio, Andy regularly contributes to BBC5Live shows like Nicky Campbell, Stephen Nolan, Richard Bacon and Tony Livesey, as well as being a frequent guest on Gaby Roslin's BBC London 94.9 Saturday show.

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He has written over 400 articles on sex, dating and relationships for print media, though also writes lifestyle, celebrity, first person and travel pieces.

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  2. Warning: This report contains some offensive descriptions The purpose of this report is to expose and refute some of the longstanding statistical lies and propagandistic myths of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) activist movement.