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However, it didn’t necessarily address the spamming activities themselves.According to a new report, Tinder bot spammers just moved to a new channel: SMS.(My company did a study on this scheme last year - )Giving out your phone number to a Tinder scammer is most likely to net you not much more than some spam text messages.However, there are cases out there where people got involved in more elaborate cat fishing type schemes.The websites are probably what you would call "inappropriate".is a URL shortener; the first link redirects to an Amazon cloud server and then to a random URL generator at Phishing messages trying to get personal data, credit card numbers, or even attempts to install malware on devices have all been reported, and a lot of Viber users are worried about the safety of the application.

I occasionally get that kind of thing to my email address, which I've had for years and is known to all the spammers.

There is, however, one phenomenon online that is so strictly and so heavily gendered that it is a source of much bafflement to many.

I am referring, of course, to random spam messages on dating sites.

In response, many of those scammers changed their bot's scripts to ask for a phone number instead.

Once they get your phone number, they will text or call you to try to get you to one of these paid sites.

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Their goal is often to get you to click on a "spammy" link - think webcam sites or porn that will ask you to give out a credit card number.