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Posted by / 27-Dec-2016 22:55

There’s a priceless moment in the squeezed-middle sitcom Outnumbered where Pete the dad, played by Hugh Dennis, is home during the day and suggests that he and his wife, Sue, the inimitable Claire Skinner, take advantage by sloping off to bed.

I thought of the episode when the results of The Great British Bedtime Report were published this week by the Sleep Council, which revealed that almost half of adults lie awake at night, too stressed to drop off.

They might not intentionally set out to dissemble, but they’re just feeling a bit petulant about not getting enough.Secondly, matching and searching algorithms have become far more efficient, self-learning and just plain smarter.And perhaps most importantly, acceptance of online dating continues to expand while stigma continues to erode.As SVP of Product, I am responsible for the complete user experience on the website, i OS and Android apps, our mobile website, and a handful of international markets. The mission of match is something I’m incredibly passionate about, creating more dates, relationships and marriages.The dating space has evolved dramatically over the past few years!

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Sleep is the most precious currency in family life once children come along.