Intimidating neighbours ireland

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Intimidating neighbours ireland

However, under the new plans, complaints can be made by groups such as residents’ associations, meaning no individual is identified.

In revealing the government’s plans Ms O’Sullivan said that anti-social behaviour in residential areas, and difficulties in dealing with it, is a huge issue.

It is important that you report it and that you make a statement to the Gardaí about what is happening. If an incident is serious it should be reported immediately to the Gardaí.

The changes will also mean people can avoid making complaints about their neighbours to gardaí, who can only act if a criminal offence is committed.‘They’ve screamed at us: “You don’t know who you’re messing with.You upset one traveller family, we’ll all come after you.” But what option do we have? But since they arrived, I have been literally sick with worry.’ This is not snobbery.In some cases, the victim and the perpetrator live close to each other, often as neighbours.The intensity and frequency of incidents, combined with the proximity of victim and perpetrator, not only makes harassment and intimidation extremely distressing, it also makes it difficult for recipients of this kind of abuse from taking a stand and speaking out against the behaviour.

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“Any person who, without lawful authority reasonable excuse, by any means including by the use of telephone, harasses another by persistently following, watching, pestering, besetting or communicating with him or her, shall be guilty of an offence.”Non-fatal offences against the person act.

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