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Whether you were together a long time or a short time—whether it was true love or a holiday romance—losing a significant person in your life is difficult. To help navigate the rocky emotional waters of a breakup, here are five helpful ideas to consider: 1. If you’re like most people, you want to get out of misery and back into joy and peace as soon as possible.But if you feel your feelings, and let them out in appropriate ways, you walk forward—inch by difficult inch—into healing. We all get angry once in a while and that’s normal.” is probably “No.” As Christians, we should certainly work towards forgiveness (always) and reconciliation (when possible).So no matter how the relationship ended, you should never remain bitter or hateful towards that person, but this does not mean you should always remain connected through a restored bond of friendship.Ephesians , 27 reads, “‘In your anger do not sin’: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold.” 3. No matter how hard someone tries to choose their words as they are giving you the relationship send-off, rejection hurts.Whether you were together two weeks or two years, being rejected can leave you feeling unwanted, insecure, or “less than.” When you feel rejected, it’s important to remember two things: there’s “what happened” and “what you tell yourself” about what happened. We’re counseled to treat all people charitably and kindly, to forgive, and to love not only God and others but also ourselves.

They would both be happier married to other people—it’s that simple.Another reason is January’s proximity to November and December—two months in which there’s a good bit of family time.Getting to know someone’s family can reveal a lot of things—not all of them good—and it can make us re-evaluate our own situation in life.What might be more beneficial would be if we discuss some questions and principles that will help you weigh through your specific circumstances.If you just answered, “Yes,” then the answer to “Should we be friends?

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Another factor behind January breakups is the traditional, take-stock-of-your-life and set-new-resolutions practice so typical with the dawn of a new year.