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The syndrome is more noticeable as the child ages, but becomes difficult to diagnose past age 2.Cri-du-chat also carries many disabilities and abnormalities.Instead of calling in sick from work, just follow these tips for clear skin in no time. 11 skin care mistakes you're making Text more often This might annoy your mom, but using your fingers to chat could save your skin.Just think of all those oils, all that bacteria and all those germs on your i Phone.

I would recommend any special "finger-gymnastics" type of exercise for this.

It also becomes easier to reach five keys with the hand curled correctly when the fingers are long enough and the palm is wide enough.

Hopefully she has a teacher who can help with this as well as have the experience to know just when it is possible and necessary for her to learn correct finger positioning.

With absolute beginners who are young and small, it might be too soon.

Also see this question: Pinky is raised uncontrollably when doing finger exercise It's impossible to diagnose exactly what she is doing over the internet, but so long as the unused fingers are in a relaxed natural-looking position, there is probably nothing to worry about. As she progresses to playing music with more chords than single notes, the other fingers will naturally have to "stay down" simply because they are being used.

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I didn’t want to embarrass the parents involved, so I used some old emails that were less recognisable – and of course changed the names of everyone involved. The reactions have been mostly positive, with lots of parents laughing it off and thanking me for speaking out.