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A very popular trope with commercials, so much so that it could almost be considered an advertising trope as much as it is a comedy trope, with the idea being to either convey how much one's life would be better with the product/service or how easily obtainable it is.

Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.

And when it turns out not to be imagined, it's a Gilligan Cut.

Can be combined with Tranquil Fury if the daydreamer is having a revenge fantasy to sublimate their rage at another person that they can't express in reality.

We can never get away from the chocolate, it’s always right there, tempting us and even smelling all ooey gooey and chocolate-y.

Most of us, myself included, would find it easy to break down and eat the cake. Girls are walking around all the time with barely any clothes on at the beach or pool!

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When other characters can see someone's Imagine Spot, that's Imagine Spotting.