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A divorce can generally be filed in any state in which either party has resided for a period of residence as prescribed by state law. There is a procedure in Kansas for an emergency divorce. A Protection From Abuse Act case may be filed, and the Court will quickly, based upon adequate evidence, issue a protective order. Obviously, your filing status will change, and if you are paying or receiving spousal support, it is deductible to the paying party and income to the receiving party. My guess is that the order says that you're entitled to reasonable parenting time as the parties can agree upon.

Kansas has special laws that allow you to seek orders from the Court to protect you (and your children) from an abuser. The best advice is to talk it through and then review it with an attorney to get their opinion on what the Court might do with the case. What are some of the tax issues involved in a divorce? Many transactions involved in a divorce do not have any tax effect.

Many Self-Help legal books and materials are generic or not state specific.

How to get a divorce can be accomplished on your own without expensive legal fees.

US Legal Forms is where to get divorce forms and papers for do-it-yourself divorce to find state-specific, top quality forms.

DIVORCE, CUSTODY AND FAMILY LAW FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS A word of caution: The following frequently asked questions are based upon our experience in Harvey County and the surrounding counties here in Kansas. Our courts in Harvey County and some other counties do require that parents attend Divorce Impact Education to familiarize them with the effects of divorce upon children, but actual marital counseling is not required. How property is titled or owned is not determinative of who will wind up with the property. However, if more than divorce itself is sought (e.g., child custody and support or division of property), special jurisdictional rules may apply. My husband is really causing me problems, and I've just got to get away from him. Our Courts cannot finalize a divorce for 60 days unless the Court declares that an emergency exists. In addition, a restraining order may be obtained in a divorce case to protect you. If your assets are sold, a gain may be recognized and you should consider taxes in valuing assets, particularly retirement accounts. My wife filed for divorce last week, and there's an Order that says I get to see the kids only when she wants me too. If you're having problems, you're entitled to a hearing with the Court to determine if the temporary order entered is fair and in the best interests of the children. A retirement account, though in your name and pertaining to your employment, can be divided between the two of you.

Some of the rules that we talk about are unique to Harvey County itself. Most attorneys will assess reconciliation issues and discuss counseling options and alternatives with you if the divorce doesn't appear to be inevitable. With such a short marriage it is more likely that the Court will give to each of you the assets and debts that you brought into the marriage. Factors considered by the Court include the length of the marriage, the time, source and manner of acquisition of the property, the parties earning capacities and other factors that the Court considers necessary to make a just and reasonable division of the property. These are usually based upon the health needs of one of the parties as expressed by a physician or mental health professional or, at times, they are based upon extreme abuse or other similarly heightened circumstances. Harvey County is also fortunate to have an active Domestic Violence group to assist in these cases. We can also ask the Court to more specifically set out when the children will spend time with you. My wife and I are divorcing and our biggest asset is my retirement account. You can do this by agreement, or the Court can order it in a trial setting.

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You can still be prosecuted in criminal court, but you don’t have to divorce to end the marriage. Legally, bigamy means being married to two spouses at the same time, both of whom are alive. If either of them is aware of the existence of your other spouse and doesn’t take steps to end the marriage, she is legally liable for bigamy also.

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  2. Prof George Vaillant, 80, who oversaw the so-called "Grant Study" for 45 years, admitted he had been forced to rethink his earlier assumption that there was a link between being divorced and being temperamentally unsuitable for stability.