Setting and updating of system components depositfales

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Setting and updating of system components depositfales

We also differentiate updates of 'OS components' (which we want to do in this offline fashion) from application updates and installations, which should still be possible from the UI without restarting the system.

The differentiation between 'OS components' and applications is necessarily a heuristic, since Fedora only knows about packages.

The list of servers is downloaded together with the other updates Several sources can be configured in an update task.Safeguards are in place to ensure that we reboot back into the default target even if the update fails or the update process crashes. After logging in again, the user is notified that system updates have been installed (or that the update has failed).Note that this feature does not prevent you from using yum and other commandline tools to install updates whenever you want to.Updates will be downloaded in the background, and the user will be informed about available updates only once they are actually ready to be installed.Installing updates will still be the users choice - if system updates are available, we will offer 'Install Updates & Restart' in addition to a plain 'Power Off' in the menus.

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By adding logic checks in at A we can prevent all its children from re-rendering.

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