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Jake and amir dating

So if you can listen and have empathy, you will be a Casanova. Amir: That we’re really talented, we’re good at videos… Amir: I don’t know, I guess we want it to resonate with people. Relatable, but still make you feel both happy and sad for the main character. [Laughs] How much of the series is based on real life dating experiences would you say? I mean, a lot of it starts off with a real dating experience and then it turns into the absurd — oh, wouldn’t it be funny if this happened. There’s a very funny scene where Ruby describes a successful dating experience he has with an olive. Amir: [Laughs] Jake: That came from real life as well. Amir: Yeah, I went on four dates with a fig and thought that was kind of crazy.

Jake: We had a lot of fun making it so we hope people have just as much fun watching it. Like I remember a waiter on a date of mine trying to interject and be funny, so we thought it would be a funny situation if my date thought this waiter was better than I was. Amir: It’s so laughably silly to imagine, that we wrote it. I think we were just joking around about that once and we thought it might be funny to show Ruby on a date with an olive, but they were like — maybe that’s too crazy, maybe they should just say that he dated an olive and the girl doesn’t quite get it.

The two played humorous versions of themselves: Jake is usually depicted as a sensible "regular guy", and Amir as his annoying, obsessive and odd co-worker. The series began on May 23, 2007, and new videos were posted every Tuesday to College Humor's website and the series' Tumblr blog. On December 18, 2013, it was announced that the web series would be adapted into a TV series, to air on TBS and be executive-produced by Ed Helms, Hurwitz, Blumenfeld, and several others.Each episode will make you crave more, and after binge watching the 400 episodes you'll get hooked on the overall goofiness and quirkiness that is shown in each episode.Some of the funniest moments from the show are completely improved by both characters, which is something that doesn't happen on a lot of current shows.In addition, Jake and Amir never let their comedy become stale because they switch things up every few episodes.They also have a lot of guest stars on their show like Rick Fox, Thomas Middleditch, and Ben Schwartz.

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It turns out that both Jake and Amir are real grown ups.

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