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If planning something stresses you out, there's no reason that deciding on an activity can't be a combined effort.But if you are comfortable taking the lead, here's a quick breakdown of how to treat your anniversary — whether it's the first or fifth.What you should do: In all honesty, it's probably not iedas to stress over this one.In any case, have fun, dress sharp, and remember sbi online dating play this celebration as a toast to the future rather than one to the past.Which means, we’ve been on over 400 dates (with each other) since we’ve been married. (Amazon affiliate links to our favorite books provided for your convenience! Let’s start with my favorite date idea–ride a tandem bike! Strangers smile, cheer, and ask where they can find a super-cool bike like ours. A fast food smorgasbord complete with Rally fries and a Wendy’s frosty? However, there lots of other man-powered boating options–canoe, kayak, peddle boat. Kudos to you if you (legally) kill and eat what you catch! Unless it’s in a cabin, we’re not really into Go golfing or to the driving range. Back when the price for a tank of gas was less than the cost of a few weeks of groceries, we’d drive around just to get lost. Ours was given to us by a friend and is super cool. If you need to work on your patience, teamwork, and trust…a tandem bike is a fun challenge. We’ve read of books out loud together–Harry Potter, the entire Bible (it took a few years), The Hunger Games, Twilight. At the grocery store, each person gets and a list of what to find (main dish, side, dessert, drink.) The person whose items are closest to the total wins. Get to the roof of a tall building and watch the sunset. Usually we’d end up outside of town where we could sit and watch the stars. It’s time for couple’s counseling to lose its shameful stigma. A good counselor can help you work through your fights and issues without you feeling judged or embarrassed. I’m proud that we’ve been married eight years, but we still have a long way to go until we hit the truly amazing milestones of 25, 50, and 75 years of marriage. We got married young; it’s possible.) Will we make it? There will be days filled with laughter and tenderness. But we’re not going to jump out just because we’re not happy. But, here’s the best part, we are (generally) happy.

If it's a trip, one of you researches hotels, flights or driving routes and costs; the other investigates restaurants, attractions and events.interactive type of things pertaining to the couple, anniversary, etc. The invitations have already been sent out and the guests are dressing in "luau attire".So anything that would require the guests to bring anything, dress a certain way, etc. Spend an evening putting your information together, and book it.Reflect and note how you've grown and grown together.

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I’m sure there was a week in there where we were sick or something, too (although I can’t remember ever missing date night! Our normal date is dinner, because we usually just need to sit face-to-face and talk.

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