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Paul reed smith serial number dating

I'll email Peavey too and see if they can lend me any insight... IMHO, better than a Squier, but not quite a Mexi... As for serial numbers, pre-1995 US models correspond roughly to this chart: ...

Some of the Harmony Central reviews said it was made in USA so i'm hoping I luck out there too.

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Hopefully I can find it again and date the Raptor and get more info on it by that.

I found a serial number lookup guide on the net when I was trying to date my Predator. I have a Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci in Mystic Dream finish that is my main axe. The Predator I have was my first guitar and I customized it - you've prob seen it on here... Anyway, i'll update you on what I think of this guitar when it comes in.

This section is the basis of the site and so far it seems to be working!

By creating a database to store facts about Tokai guitars, we have been able to thus far break the serial number dating code for Gibson copies.

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