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C updating database

Android uses the SQLite database system, which is an open-source, stand-alone SQL database, widely used by many popular applications. You can now define the various methods for opening and closing the database, as well as the methods for adding/editing/deleting rows in the table (see Listing 3).

For example, Mozilla Firefox uses SQLite to store configuration data and i Phone also uses SQLite for database storage. Notice that Android uses the Cursor class as a return value for queries.

Rows[1][3] = "S"; //Then updating the database My Sql Command Builder com = new My Sql Command Builder(mydataadapter); mydataadapter.

You can easily update a database from a Data Grid View. Step 4See the properties of the Adapter on Data Set, whether it has a query for updating or not. Step 5A line is automatically generated, when you bind the Data Grid View to the dataset.

Database support is the lifeline of every application, big or small. Within the DBAdapter class, you extend the SQLite Open Helper class—an Android helper class for database creation and versioning management.

Unless your application deals only with simple data, you need a database system to store your structured data. In particular, you override the method, you will simply drop the table and create the table again.

mydataadapter = new My Sql Data Adapter("SELECT * FROM table0; SELECT * FROM table1; SELECT * FROM table2;", con); myda. Is this possible In my Data Table I reference the both the database and the table in the query. Table I click on the advanced options and set the Generate Insert, Update and Delete statements. | this answer edited Apr 21 '10 at answered Apr 20 '10 at gbn 291k 45 414 513 I did it and no errors return. May I add executenonquery etc : S – Ases Apr 20 '10 at My Sql Command Builder com = new My Sql Command Builder(mydataadapter); isn't it do it?

Update(dataset, "table2"); Recommend:c# - Update another database from a datasetnnection.

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Then I initialize them in my constructor/page_load method. Also, you don't need to open and close your connections when you use a Data Adapter.

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