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There are filtered, unfiltered, 100s, lights, ultra lights, slims, menthol all different kinds. Unfiltered:exactly what it says on the packet, no filter Filtered: exactly what it says on the packet, a filter 100s: a longer cigarette Lights: light in taste and not as harsh on your lungs, this can be debated scientifically whether they are indeed healthier but trust me they FEEL better for you. Slims: skinny cigarettes Menthol: nice cooling sensation, like smoking mint leaves. Have you really never smoked a single cigarette in your life I'm not a daily smoker but even I've tried them.There are also 120s, which are even longer than 100s.It's despicable for the industry to target vulnerable young women in this way." The charity Cancer Research UK estimates that smoking is responsible for 46,000 deaths a year in the UK.Silk Cut's new marketing ploy is just the latest device that tobacco companies are using to appeal to women."Silk Cut is using the terminology 'super slim' to make the link between smoking their product and losing weight," said Deborah Arnott, director of the Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)."Like a dog whistle that is inaudible to humans, this message is only heard by those it's aimed at: in this case girls anxious about their weight and desperate to stay slim.Research published in the US journal Tobacco Control last month revealed that stars of Hollywood's golden age also promoted smoking, with Clark Gable and Bette Davis paid the equivalent of £35,000 a year by tobacco companies.

For at least a while, Camel cigarettes came out in a wide pack, which was a pack of 25 cigs instead of 20.

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