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According to Saudi writer Abdul Aziz Qassim and others, it was the Ottomans who "first labelled Abdul Wahhab's school of Islam in Saudi Arabia as Wahhabism".

The British also adopted it and expanded its use in the Middle East.

Others have found solace in kindred spirits (see the posting of Becs).

Still others have drawn conclusions from their own experience and offered these for general use (see the posting of Standfree).

It is still the leading faith in the Arab world, as well as in most of the Middle East.Even more has been written on puritan Wahhabism promoting the destruction of historical sites. I turn to the driver, an Egyptian settled in Saudi Arabia for the past ten years, and voice my reservations." he responds promptly, as if he was waiting for this conversation.It is clear that there is much he hasn’t been able to voice before with abandon.Travelling to Mecca as a child, I would shut my eyes as we would approach the boundaries of Masjid al Haram just so I may be able to capture the sense of awe upon arrival.Perhaps it was my heart singing with anticipation, but I always felt something distinct about the air, too, as if infused all of sudden with a kind of sanctity.

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