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She has been telling friends she is excited by the new romance.

Specifically, we proposed that a number of European early modern humans had higher nitrogen isotope values than any Neanderthal and that these values likely indicated that some of these humans were obtaining much of their protein from aquatic resources, namely freshwater fish (11).

As Oase 1 was close in time to the last Neanderthals, these data may indicate a significant dietary shift associated with the changing population dynamics of modern human emergence in Europe.

Isotope evidence is a powerful tool for reconstructing past human diets and subsistence adaptations (1–3), and it has been applied to a number of Neanderthals and early modern humans from Europe (4–12).

In contrast, early modern humans (≈40,000 to ≈27,000 cal BP) exhibited a wider range of isotopic values, and a number of individuals had evidence for the consumption of aquatic (marine and freshwater) resources.

This pattern includes Oase 1, the oldest directly dated modern human in Europe (≈40,000 cal BP) with the highest nitrogen isotope value of all of the humans studied, likely because of freshwater fish consumption.

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The pair started seeing each other in 2012, but are said to have split not long after images of the Doctor Who actress with Prince Harry touching her knee emerged online last June.