Updating maps for gps c230 updating bios without a floppy

Posted by / 11-Aug-2016 06:20

Once you have obtained your desired maps, take advantage of the Nav Desk application to update your maps.

Maps for your Navman GPS devices can be downloaded from the Navman online store or purchased on DVD.(Send me an email after making your donation so that I know that you are expecting the Canadian map, since I can’t differentiate the donation from other blogs that I write.) The map file is legal and will only work for those that have purchased their Mio C230 in the United States (regardless of whether you unlock it or not) and they are covered under the same North American 2007.01 license that you’ve purchased when buying the C230.Do not ask for a license file – if you aren’t licensed to use this file, then the Canada maps simply will not work!If you don't have the DVD, you can download Nav Desk software directly from the Navman website. Launch Nav Desk on your computer and install any required software updates.If updates are required, a pop-up box will notify you.

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You still want the convenience of your trusty PND, so you’ll need to add a new map of the location you’re travelling to.