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But the best part is that Birdman's breakdown has him exiting the building in under three minutes! We think he should definitely switch his name back to Baby after this…

Only the best teams made it to the finals, so pick a theme for your favorite and show your support in the most crucial moment, where every friendly ‘Go go’ exclamation matters.

) The actress also discussed Kim K being robbed at gunpoint in Paris, and slammed critics who joked about the horrific incident.

She said: Tags: controversy, girl power, girls, hbo, hillary clinton, kim kardashian, lena dunham, power 105.1, the breakfast club on Friday morning.

When I first moved to New York City in 2000, I lived in Astoria, so it was easy to choose: I joined the excellent Astoria-based Hellgate Road Runners.

But once I moved to Manhattan in 2002 I found the number of options overwhelming.

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The problem is is that you can get so bogged down in all this research and never actually make a decision. If you join a team and end up making some friends, you’ll probably be happy, but that takes a little time. They are a great group, a little more “hardcore” than the Flyers, and full of interesting personalities.

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