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Rss not updating

As this is apparently a known issue and this is a thread on the official Joomla site, you may want to post any feedback there as to what worked / didn't work for you - it would help other Joomla users as well.Morning all, RSS feed has suddenly stopped updating.Because images and audio/video are an integral part of a feed, we can not simply strip them.Since an attacker can not execute code in contrast to mixed active content, but only replace images/audio/video in your feed reader, this is not considered to be a security issue. feed which would allow fishing), this is a security problem for you, contact the specific feed provider and ask him to serve his feed content over HTTPS.For the same reason that we can't fix non HTTPS websites: It does not fix the underlying issue but only silences it.If you are using an image HTTPS proxy, an attacker can simply attack your image proxy since the proxy fetches insecure content.

I am using PHP 5.4.22 & My SQL 5.5.35 Is there a solution to this problem?

When that finishes, the whole layout will reload and start again.

It can take i Tunes up to two weeks to accept a feed to the i Tunes store.

Chrome will show no green HTTPS lock sign, Firefox will show you the following image Note that this warning is not red and won't block the page like the following images which signal a serious issue: This warning is caused by mixed passive content and means that your page loads passive resources from non HTTPS resources, such as: This allows a possible attacker to perform a MITM (man-in-the-middle) attack by serving you different images or audio/video.

The News app fully prevents mixed active content by only allowing HTTPS iframes from known locations; other possible mixed active content elements such as are stripped from the feed.

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When I was on 1.7.3, it worked fine however since the upgrade it has stopped updating. The feed is the client doesn't help and I have tried deleting the region and re-adding but the problem continues.