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Thermoluminescence dating artifact trackback url closed

bdmv folder has only 2 interesting subfolders - stream and playlist [stream] contains the .m2ts video/audio/sub stream data [playlist] contains the data that will start episodes or movies with playlist file when starting .m2ts - chapters are not available, thats what the playlists are for. Your Video material Most Blu-rays will have h264 video with very high bitrate (30000-40000 kbit/s), you can also find MPEG2 or VC-1 on Blurays.

Bluray videos normally have a fps (frames per second) rate with 23.976 frames and progressive picture scan-type.

Known Problems Short movies might not have enough key-frames (depending on format) for multiple screenshots. if you want to have 20 screenshots per movie, but the movie only has 10 Key-frames, will get duplicate screenshots.If you write to thesorted folder it will write to local-enc for upload.If you read from thesorted directory, it will check local-enc first and if the file doesnt existlocally it will read from cloud-enc.So it’s very easy to be geared up completely in no time at all. You could roll an alt, but that has nothing to do with progressing your main character.Until we know more about the Legacy system (which is designed to incentivize rolling alts) we can’t say what else that will bring.

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