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Simple validating c input

Most people are far more worried about active attacks than they are about passive attacks.

Nearly every active attack out there is the result of some kind of input from an attacker.

Secure programming is about making sure that inputs from bad people do not do bad things.

Indeed, most of the soon-to-be-released Secure Programming Cookbook for C and C addresses how to deal with malicious inputs.

You can read a character string from the user with scanf, then convert it to an integer with strtol.

For example, try the following program: Test it with 123, then with 123abc.

Eavesdropping attacks are often easy to launch, but most people don't worry about them in their applications.

Instead, they tend to worry about what malicious things can be done to the machine on which the application is running.

And another question is: i wrote some simple apps here and in windows at college they were using getch() but it didnt work in linux, so i read that i had to change that to getchar() but getchar() isnt waiting for user input at all, is there any other way to wait for a user to press a key before exiting the app?In most languages (especially scripting languages like Perl and PHP), this is done via regular expressions.However, C does not have built-in regular expression support (it’s supposedly coming with the next revision of C ), so typically this is done by examining each character of the string to make sure it meets some criteria.It's because this chapter is about one important class of defensive techniques: input validation.In Recipe 3.3 below on preventing buffer overflows, and in all of the recipes in the book's "Input Validation" chapter, we assume that people are connected to our software, and that some of them may send malicious data (even if we think there is a trusted client on the other end).

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