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This information is courtesy, republished here for your convenience. instrument production history, production dates have been applied to various components.

Hit the jump to see just how old that guitar or bass really is. Most notably, production dates have been penciled or stamped on the butt end of the heel of the neck of most guitars and basses, although there were periods when this was not consistently done (1973 to 1981, for example) or simply omitted.

NOTE: For everything you ever wanted to know about Vintage Ibanez guitars, please visit the discussion forums at Ibanez Collectors World.

I post there all the time under the name Chuck E99.

While there have been periods of dramatic change—such as the transition periods between the Leo Fender years and the CBS years or the transition between the CBS years and the current ownership—most models are generally feature-specific and do not change from year to year.

Serial numbers are also helpful in determining an instrument’s production year.

Click on many of these images to view a special page on each guitar, containing many shots and information.

Most specifications for a given Fender instrument model change little (if at all) throughout the lifetime of the model.

Ibanez took a renowned body shape and made it into the icon of heavy music styles.

Built with metal in mind, yet versatile and great for any style, the RG has found itself in the arms of artists such as Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit), John Frustciante (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) and Grammy Award winning guitarist Steve Vai.

Ibanez Musician, Model MC400NT with Blonde Headstock (serial no.

D78....): I bought this guitar new in 1978 at Brian Guitars in New Haven, Connecticut.

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On the other end of the musical spectrum, there are the smooth jazz performances of George Benson and Pat Metheny.